Beretta M9 A3 Co2 Pistol by Umarex
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Beretta M9 A3 Co2 Pistol by Umarex

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This CO2-pistol with blowback-effect and metal slide was designed with the newest version of the US-military sidearm as role model. On first view like the famous Beretta M92, the differences are in the details. The frame was remodeled, received a non-slippery structure and a Picatinny-rail. It carries a longer, threaded barrel for a suppressor or silencer (not available on this Co2 model). This gun comes with the popular FDE-finish "Flat Dark Earth").
Includes a small bag of steel BBs.


Calibre:4.5mm (.177) Steel BB
Capacity:16 rounds
Velocity:100 m/s (328 ft/s)
Length:225 mm
Weight:850 g
Per capsule:80 Shots**


**number of shots can vary, depending on environment, temperature, quality of Co2, firing rate.