Mainline High Impact Balanced Wafters 12mm/ 15mm/ 18mm
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Mainline High Impact Balanced Wafters 12mm/ 15mm/ 18mm

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Our new ‘Wafter’ hookbaits have been designed and extensively tested to provide the modern-day angler the ability to create ‘critically-balanced’ hookbait presentations – quickly and easily. Simply thread the hookbait onto a Hair Rig and the weight of the rig hook will counterbalance the slow sinking buoyancy of the ‘Wafter’ perfectly!
Combined with the High Impact range of liquid flavours and additives – the result is a selection of highly attractive hookbaits with advanced performance and hooking potential!

Wafter/Hook Ratio:12mm/Sz8 15mm/Sz6 18mm/Sz4.

(Guideline only - Check rigs prior to fishing. Add counterbalance where necessary as hook weights may vary)  

Available in 250ml tubs in 12mm, 15mm and 18mm sizes:


Salty Squid
Peaches & Cream
Essential IB 
Spicy Crab 
High Leakage Pineapple
50/50 High Leakage
Diamond Whites 

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