Mainline Match Luncheon Meat - Yellow - Scopex Pineapple
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Mainline Match Luncheon Meat - Yellow - Scopex Pineapple

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Colour - Yellow

Flavour - Scopex Pineapple 

  • Top quality in super size 340g tins
  • Perfect for feed and hook bait
  • Easy to use, straight from the tin
  • Can be used in a cutter, cubed by hand, ripped/torn or punched out
  • Six unique and renowned fish-catching flavours and colours! Yellow Scopex Pineapple, Natural Betaine Enhanced, Brown Spicy Meat, Green Halibut, Red Strawberry, Orange active 8
  • Deadly unique colours and scent sets the bait apart from plain meat, giving anglers more fish-catching options
  • Soft but hookable texture enables various hooking options - straight hooking, hair rigging, or being pulled over a hair-rigged band
  • Easy-open tin
  • Suitable for many different species of fish on natural and commercial venues – carp, F1s, barbel, chub, bream, tench

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