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Mainline Power + Particles

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The NEW and exciting range of Power+ Particles from Mainline are a range of ready prepared particles with a difference, enhanced and activated with a choice of three feed inducing stimulants: Mult-Stim, Cell and Essential Cell!

Henp The natural attractors of this freshly prepared and ready to use Henp is taken to another level with the addition of our active ingredients and choice of Multi-Stim, Cell or Essential Cell enhancement. Although like all the Power+ Particles can be customised further with the addition of a Particle & Pellet Syrup.  

THE PULSE: This blend of perfectly prepared pulses and seeds, is ideally suited to creating a carpet-like loose feed or increase the effectiveness of any spod mix. As is the case with the Power+ Particle range The Pulse is freshly prepared and PVA friendly making it also suitable for PVA bag and Stick presentations. 

THE SPOMB: Extremely attractive at all times of year the Spomb Mix contains a combination of micro particles, pulses, enhancers and of course the active liquid stimulant of your choice. Perfect for creating a carpet feed that will stream attraction throughout the water column to draw carp from all levels.

TIGERS: Perfect as a loose feed and/or hookbait option the Power+ Particle Tigers are also a great addition to any spod mix and form a superb combination with other Mainline particles. Ready prepared and packed with natural attractors along with our highly effective active liquids designed at promoting a feeding response.

PVA Friendly

Available in 3litre Jars.

Henp - The Link
Henp – Multi-Stim
Henp – Cell
Henp – Essential Cell

The Pulse - The Link
The Pulse – Multi-Stim
The Pulse – Cell
The Pulse – Essential Cell

The Spomb - The Link
The Spomb – Multi-Stim
The Spomb – Cell
The Spomb – Essential Cell

Tigers – Multi-Stim

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